Human design with Amy Ruth

Human design with Amy Ruth

Human Design is a beautiful system that showcases your energetic gifts, your inner mechanics, your inner world... YOUR BRILLIANCE.

The Human Design system is a gateway tool. It opens the gateway to your inner world so that you can explore what life is like when you live your unique difference. And it helps us understand who we are and how we can work with people, even our little people around us.

In this episode I chat to Amy Ruth. Amy holds a bachelor of psychology, is a certified practitioner in NLP,  Time line therapy and hypnosis, and is the first to admit she was a collector of certificates and qualifications until she found The Human Design System 4 years ago.

Now, a self -proclaimed Human Design nerd, Amy has been studying, applying and aligning her personal and professional life with her design ever since. She is a 4/6 single definition, Splenic Projector and is on a heart lead mission to make Human Design digestible, useable and hackable so that more people can discover their uniqueness and the life that was designed for them.

She’s a FIFO Mum of two boys and hand on heart swears that her understanding of Human Design has completely changed the way she’s raising her children and relating to her partner.

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