Mother yourself

Mother yourself

“I’ll never be good enough!”

“I can’t do anything right!”

“It’s always my fault.”

How many times have you told yourself one (or more) of these things?

Negative self-talk creates feelings of anger, frustration, hopelessness, doubt, fear, and irritation. If that negative self-talk takes over your thoughts, it can lead to debilitating depression and anxiety.

Overcoming this and learning how invest in yourself is essential to leading a full and productive life.

There are so many responsibilities that we juggle every day, every hour even. We tend to live on edge all the time, racing to the next things, thinking about the hundred plates we are spinning.

It’s no surprise that we ended up a bit flat, anxious and with our cup empty. Because we give, give and give.

We can do it all, but should we be doing it all? Our circumstances will not change. The responsibilities will be there, the kids and job will be there, but how can WE show up in a different way or change our mindset.

You can’t pour from a cup that is empty. This can come up as frustration, anger or anxiety.

Small changes make big impact. I hear you, you don’t have time for this…

10 years ago I set up a digital agency in London and as all business owners can tell you it’s never a walk in a park. But I had the best mentor. Whenever I had hundred things on the list, I was frantic and stressed and frustrated, he pulled me aside and said “let’s go for a walk”.

For months, my answer was “how can you think I have time for a walk? Can you see how busy I am?”

He pretty much dragged me out. Once out, he started talking about something completely random. Well it seemed random at the time, but wasn’t.

It took me months to realise that stepping out for 20 minutes to do laps around the park in the middle of the city helped me to focus on the priority. And then everything else just slotted in. It became my little routine, that helped me through stressful times.

Now what is it that you wish you have time for? Is it going for a run, seeing friends, having a bath, starting a hobby that you put away a few years ago… Whatever that is, bring it back. It’s called SELFCARE.

Why are we better to look after our car than we are after our self? We need servicing too and more often than we think. It will have an impact on our family and friends too.

  • Early to rise — getting up 20 minutes earlier just for you
  • Find your sanctuary — have bath, read a book, or just sit in a quiet corner to reflect
  • Drink water — we need it to survive, it’s a fuel for our body
  • What happened for YOU today? — keep a journal, reflect
  • Release that stress — for 2 minutes in the evening, sit down and take a few deep breaths. I love using essential oils, different in the morning and evening to help me with managing mood or induce relaxation.
  • Practice gratitude 
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