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Lucie kasna - For the love of mum

Vision planning workshop

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Imagine stepping into 2022 feeling tuned into the deepest yearnings of your soul, having a clear vision for the year ahead and being equipped to integrate clear, aligned changes into your life.

In this workshop, you are going to map out your VISION and GOALS for the life you want to create in 2022 so you feel aligned in everything you do. It really doesn't matter if you start in January or April... there is still time to plan your year ahead. 

This session will be a potent mix of strategy and mindset so get prepared to get it all out on the table for optimal results. 

You will get given time in the workshop to complete all sections. But you will also need to set aside additional time to start taking action on your plan. 

As humans, it’s our ability to dream that gives us the power to manifest our reality.